Build Community

See, Click, and Fix

Take a photo of that pesky pothole, give the location, add a description, and click Submit to send your request to the service who can fix it.

  • Add up to 5 images for more accurate reporting
  • Follow along with requests your neighbors have submitted
  • Save drafts to finish later when you’re in a hurry
Several mobile phones showing the process of submitting an issue on SeeClickFix.

Where You Live, Where You Care

Stay updated about the places you care about with Points of Interest and Watch Areas. Invite your friends and neighbors to track and take action on nearby requests.

  • Submit a request to set a Point of Interest and stay posted on areas you care about
  • Create a Watch Area for you and neighbors to track and manage requests in your neighborhood
Several screens of a user watching and commenting on several SeeClickFix issues in their watch areas.

Be Social with a Goal

Comment and vote on your neighbors’ requests and share them with your friends to increase awareness and build positive momentum to improve your neighborhood.

  • Add comments for more info and stay updated on requests
  • Vote to show solidarity with your neighbors
  • Share requests on other social networks to build awareness and momentum
A phone showing several SeeClickFix issues in a specific watch area.

One Click to City Hall

Find information about the city services, events, social networks, and websites in your area.

  • Quickly access local websites and calendars
  • Find your city’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Discover digital payment services offered by your city
Several mobile phones with SeeClickFix mobile branded apps.

Connect With Your Community

Improving your community starts with your own initiative to get involved and accelerates when you organize with your neighbors around shared goals and concerns. With SeeClickFix watch areas and notifications, your community group can begin making the connections that lead to better neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Start organizing Learn more
A phone showing several users connecting over a specific community issue.
A cartoon neighborhood using SeeClickFix.

Better Neighborhoods Build a Better World

Download our citizen apps, or reach out to learn more about using SeeClickFix for your organization.

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